Armed with significant experience in both a financial and business operational capacity, Eric has an unique skillset that makes him an invaluable asset as a business coach and mentor.  Gen3 hired Eric in a business coaching capacity over two years ago and our agency has benefitted greatly time and again from his expert guidance.  Eric has pushed us to think more strategically and has helped guide our decision making in a way that has directly impacted our bottom line.  For all that and more, I strongly recommend his services.

Andy Cantos Gen3 CEO

Eric has helped me think more strategically about my business and my role as CEO.  He’s challenged and supported me in creating Key Performance Indicators so I can easily understand what is happening within all departments of the company and ultimately make efficient decisions

Amy Zitelman CEO Soom Foods

Since working with Eric, my business has grown in size and revenue. He asks the right questions and leads an amazing group of individuals who he has curated to give each other the perspective needed to help us solve our own individual business challenges. Alongside that, he’s readily available and always aims to be delivering value

Ben LeDonni Creative MMS CEO

I have been working with Eric for about two years now in his executive coaching and board program with TAB. During this time Eric has been an integral part to our companies growth achieving 30%+ growth year over year. His guidance in both strategic and financials are has been invaluable. Also his board members are incredible and have added copious amounts of value to our organization.  I would recommend Eric to any executive or business owner looking to grow their business or careers.

Robb Hoyle CEO

As I’ve worked with Eric, he’s helped me prioritize working on the business over working in the business. At every step of the way he helps me to clarify goals, define performance indicators, and create a culture of accountability. This has helped me develop an essential framework to make our agency fit for growth, all at a period of organizational change. Everyday I am growing as a leader who can focus on strategic, scalable growth instead of being entrenched in the day-to-day.

Sara McMillan President, Munroe Creative Partners

As I stepped into my new role as a CEO at AchieveNEXT, I sought out a professional executive coach and advisor to support, challenge, and coach me through this critical next stage of my career.  I selected Eric Lynn.

Eric’s ‘partnership’ has provided me with an agile and progressive balance between coaching, mentoring, and challenging that has helped me and my team move key strategic initiatives forward in a much more effective manner, helped us with our own evolution as a leadership team and how we work and communicate together, and has helped me personally enhance my leadership capabilities, my confidence and credibility, and most importantly, our financial results.

Nick Araco JR AchieveNext. Chief Executive Officer